Scanner old and new

That's it. I've just installed my new scanner/printer/whatever after the untimely demise of the previous one. When I think of it, it must have been over 10 years old, maybe even 15 years old. It was about time I found a replacement for it.


I haven't yet checked the quality of the new one. I'll soon have the opportunity to do so for the illustrations of my new workshop manual. It is probably much, much better than the old one.


I already have a printer. I just wanted a scanner, but they don't make "scanners only" anymore. So now I've got two printers. What do you know! I can print two documents at the same time. Nice! For a while, The old printer still has all the colours in the same cartridge and it is such a waste to throw away a cartridge which has no more yellow but still plenty of blue and magenta.


Anyway, that was the good work of the day.


About the dead scanner – I left it outside on the porch at Easter, hoping it would be stolen and I wouldn't have to take it to the dump myself. Well, it's still there. No one can see that it is not in working order, and people steal flowers in your garden or bikes hidden behind your house, but this scanner in full view of the road has not been stolen. I am amazed!

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Seriously ...

July 23rd, 2007

I don't know if you've ever seen me in a serious mood, but seriously, I really have to work! And the sun is shining so brightly. What do I do? I transfer my current documents to my laptop and I go out in the garden. I will not come in again until insects have eaten up my skin or my stomach cries for food. I will only go in for a cup of coffee from time to time, or for a document I need.

If I know her well - and I do - my cat is going to leave her favourite place and will sit next to me on the bench. I always take out an extra cushion for her.

The rosebushes are still beautiful. The aquilegias are very bright. The daisies I planted in flowerboxes are not doing so well, but maybe they'll do better when I sit next to them. After all, why should they do well if no one cares?

There are birds everywhere in my garden. Sometimes I feel like Francis of Assisi. Perhaps I'll see a squirrel or two. No lemmings this year. I haven't seen any for ages! No bears either. (Why are you smiling? There was one 50 km north of here last week. Chasing an 86 year old man. Honest! I read it in the local paper)

The families next door (on both sides) are on holiday and the whole street is quiet. That's 6 children less! That's a lot! The little girl across the road is also on holiday. Or in kindergarten.

I'm out! Don't count on me until tomorrow!

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A magical date - 07.07.07

                                      Flambe- Didier Marzin - Copains

July 7, 2007

Last year we had 06.06.06. The number of the beast is behind us. We have now moved on to SEVEN – the number of self-deception.

This is the number of those who avoid pain at (almost) any cost. Of those who want to have fun, who forget bad experiences as soon as they are over, who paint everything pink and say happily, but never with a smile: "Look at it this way: it could have turned out much worse!".

Around them, everything must be beautiful and good – and they make it that way. They paint their own world as they think it should be. And what a beautiful world!

The Peter Pans of this world. The eternal children. They are so charming! They are so likeable, so lovable, and one falls for them if one is not a ONE, or a TWO, or even a FIVE.

They are clever at helping everybody else and at finding solutions for other people's troubles. They are not afraid to ask for help when they need it.

With them, life is fun and magical, just like this date today is.  I guess I am luckier than most because one SEVEN in particular turned my life  into magic.

I am grateful. Magical date. Magical SEVEN. Magical man!

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 Of perfume and other things ...

Chris 1947. A perfume by Christian Dior. Someone some day thought he should give me this as a present. And he did. Chris 1947 - that could have been me.


Red fluid in a bottle which reflects the post-war period. Nice cap though. Ruby red fluid. Almost liquid strawberry. I don't use it (sorry, old friend!). The scent is a little too insistant and too flowery for me. I am not the flowery type, light-headed, superficial and empty. Don't get me wrong. I love flowers and romance. I love being with a romantic man (yeah yeah! Can't have everything). But life is not all romance. Chris 1947 is an empty head and too cold.


If I were a perfume I would be Chanel no. 5. My all-time favourite since I was old enough to think about such things. Chanel no. 5 - a little heavier, warmer, spicier, more mediterranean, more sensual – much more sensual … and deeper than liquid strawberry.


Chanel no. 5 stands its ground. Just a little shy but daring if you let it take the lead. Very secretive but revealing its deeper fragance little by little as it warms up. Chanel no. 5 doesn't say a word aloud about itself but talks through you. It is the independent perfume which adapts to any circumstance while remaining itself. And it is light enough not to be too insistant and make you uncomfortable.


Chanel no. 5 takes you seriously and reveals you to yourself. It almost loves you and gets the very best out of you. And you just love Chanel no. 5 … don't you? You'd be a fool not to!


Yep! Chanel no. 5 – that's me all right!


Gosh, what do you know! I missed my vocation as perfume seller – or advert writer.

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