My book list

Some of the books I have read and particularly enjoyed or found useful:  

The Power of Now

Author:Eckhart TolleA fantastic and practical book about being in the "here and now". It is a very powerful book indeed. Tolle is a master, like there are only a handful (if that!) left. Not to be missed!

Mutant Message down under/Message des hommes vrais au monde des mutants/Det virkelige folket

Author:Marlo MorganAn exceptional piece of work. One of the few books which made me cry (with the Little Prince). I read it years ago when it came out. Why do I put it here today? Maybe because someone who will read this needs to read it too? I don't know ... Enjoy!

Trances People Live

Author:Stephen WolinskyYou feel you can't change your behaviour however much you want to? You want to stop recreating the traumas of your childhood into adult life? Part of the answer is in this book. A continuation of Milton Erickson's brilliant work!

Science and the Akashic Field

Author:Ervin LaszloISBN:Laszlo's reputation is no longer to be made. A genius! Concert pianist, 4 PHD's from La Sorbonne. This theory of the universe is dazzling right from the first question. We know about matter and energy, but: "Where does information go?" Read it! You must!


Author:Robert DiltsISBN:More NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), more techniques for change. You cannot not change if you apply them.Beliefs are very powerful and will run your life if you let them. Would you like to run your own life?

The Holographic Universe

Author:Michael TalbotISBN:"A remarkable new theory of reality that explains the paranormal abilities of the mind, the latest frontiers of physics and the unsolved riddles of brain and body". It's on the cover and it's true. My own comment: Breathtaking. Profoundly convincing.

Frogs into Princes

Author:Richard Bandler and John GrinderISBN:Neuro Linguistic Programming. If you want to change, don't miss it. These techniques are part of what I use everyday with my clients. Heylo, my Prince! I know you use it! I don't know if you ever were a frog, but you sure are a Prince now! Love you!

Turtles all the Way Down

Author:DeLozier and GrinderISBN:Subtitle: Prerequisites to personal genius. So you think you are so perfect that you don't have perceptual filters or limiting self-beliefs? Think again! I work everyday with this stuff, and if I don't finish before Valhalla, I'll come back to do more!

The Secret Life of Your Cells

Author:Robert H. StoneISBN:If you know about Clive Backster's experiments on plants with a polygraph, you can't have missed this book. If you have, it's about time you read it!


Author:Richard BachISBN:This is one of those rare books which follows you all your life, like "the Little Prince" - better than Jonathan Livingstone Seagull in my opinion. Strange that they both have been written by ... pilots.

Cell-level healing

Author:Hawkes, Joyce WhiteleyISBN:This one's not read yet and shouldn't really be in the list. I have just received it from USA

Life's Missing Instruction Manual

Author:Joe VitaleISBN:The guidebook you should have been given at birth. Not yet read, but I'm gonna enjoy this no end! Watch out! Here I cooooooooome! (no, not the way you think!)

Like the Flowing River

Author:Paolo CoelhoISBN:Thoughts and reflections by Coelho. Bought this book a few days ago. I don't think it's that good, and still I can't put it down. It must send very subtle messages which the conscious doesn't necessarily pick up but which the subconcious delights in.

Santé et Longévité

Author:Dr. Hervé JanecekISBN:Application of the results of Mirko Beljanski's research - Pure dynamite!

The Intention Experiment

Forfatter:McTaggart, LynnISBN:Using your thoughts to change your life and the world. You bet I'm gonna try!


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