Scanner old and new

That's it. I've just installed my new scanner/printer/whatever after the untimely demise of the previous one. When I think of it, it must have been over 10 years old, maybe even 15 years old. It was about time I found a replacement for it.


I haven't yet checked the quality of the new one. I'll soon have the opportunity to do so for the illustrations of my new workshop manual. It is probably much, much better than the old one.


I already have a printer. I just wanted a scanner, but they don't make "scanners only" anymore. So now I've got two printers. What do you know! I can print two documents at the same time. Nice! For a while, The old printer still has all the colours in the same cartridge and it is such a waste to throw away a cartridge which has no more yellow but still plenty of blue and magenta.


Anyway, that was the good work of the day.


About the dead scanner – I left it outside on the porch at Easter, hoping it would be stolen and I wouldn't have to take it to the dump myself. Well, it's still there. No one can see that it is not in working order, and people steal flowers in your garden or bikes hidden behind your house, but this scanner in full view of the road has not been stolen. I am amazed!

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