Seriously ...

July 23rd, 2007

I don't know if you've ever seen me in a serious mood, but seriously, I really have to work! And the sun is shining so brightly. What do I do? I transfer my current documents to my laptop and I go out in the garden. I will not come in again until insects have eaten up my skin or my stomach cries for food. I will only go in for a cup of coffee from time to time, or for a document I need.

If I know her well - and I do - my cat is going to leave her favourite place and will sit next to me on the bench. I always take out an extra cushion for her.

The rosebushes are still beautiful. The aquilegias are very bright. The daisies I planted in flowerboxes are not doing so well, but maybe they'll do better when I sit next to them. After all, why should they do well if no one cares?

There are birds everywhere in my garden. Sometimes I feel like Francis of Assisi. Perhaps I'll see a squirrel or two. No lemmings this year. I haven't seen any for ages! No bears either. (Why are you smiling? There was one 50 km north of here last week. Chasing an 86 year old man. Honest! I read it in the local paper)

The families next door (on both sides) are on holiday and the whole street is quiet. That's 6 children less! That's a lot! The little girl across the road is also on holiday. Or in kindergarten.

I'm out! Don't count on me until tomorrow!

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