A magical date - 07.07.07

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July 7, 2007

Last year we had 06.06.06. The number of the beast is behind us. We have now moved on to SEVEN – the number of self-deception.

This is the number of those who avoid pain at (almost) any cost. Of those who want to have fun, who forget bad experiences as soon as they are over, who paint everything pink and say happily, but never with a smile: "Look at it this way: it could have turned out much worse!".

Around them, everything must be beautiful and good – and they make it that way. They paint their own world as they think it should be. And what a beautiful world!

The Peter Pans of this world. The eternal children. They are so charming! They are so likeable, so lovable, and one falls for them if one is not a ONE, or a TWO, or even a FIVE.

They are clever at helping everybody else and at finding solutions for other people's troubles. They are not afraid to ask for help when they need it.

With them, life is fun and magical, just like this date today is.  I guess I am luckier than most because one SEVEN in particular turned my life  into magic.

I am grateful. Magical date. Magical SEVEN. Magical man!

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It's wonderful to understand your words, dear Kit/Christine...

Est-ce dit correctement ? Je me remets à l'anglais grâce toi et j'adore...

Écrit par : Romy | 24/07/2007

Yes! It's perfectly correct! You are the best!

Écrit par : Chris47 | 24/07/2007

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