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Chris 1947. A perfume by Christian Dior. Someone some day thought he should give me this as a present. And he did. Chris 1947 - that could have been me.


Red fluid in a bottle which reflects the post-war period. Nice cap though. Ruby red fluid. Almost liquid strawberry. I don't use it (sorry, old friend!). The scent is a little too insistant and too flowery for me. I am not the flowery type, light-headed, superficial and empty. Don't get me wrong. I love flowers and romance. I love being with a romantic man (yeah yeah! Can't have everything). But life is not all romance. Chris 1947 is an empty head and too cold.


If I were a perfume I would be Chanel no. 5. My all-time favourite since I was old enough to think about such things. Chanel no. 5 - a little heavier, warmer, spicier, more mediterranean, more sensual – much more sensual … and deeper than liquid strawberry.


Chanel no. 5 stands its ground. Just a little shy but daring if you let it take the lead. Very secretive but revealing its deeper fragance little by little as it warms up. Chanel no. 5 doesn't say a word aloud about itself but talks through you. It is the independent perfume which adapts to any circumstance while remaining itself. And it is light enough not to be too insistant and make you uncomfortable.


Chanel no. 5 takes you seriously and reveals you to yourself. It almost loves you and gets the very best out of you. And you just love Chanel no. 5 … don't you? You'd be a fool not to!


Yep! Chanel no. 5 – that's me all right!


Gosh, what do you know! I missed my vocation as perfume seller – or advert writer.

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